Instructions for Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Hardrive Torsion Field Generators:


The new Real Virtual Science: RVScience of obtaining real results from virtual (computer) applications in a science created by scientist Tim Rifat (see Psychotronic Crystal Ware). As computer hard drives can be converted into torsion Field generators the means for Remote Influencing... ESP, Tim Rifat then linked this powerful technology to hyperspace, the 5th Dimension, the mechanism behind all psychic powers be they telekinesis, psychokinesis, precognition... Psi-Space travelling, empire building...; then linked hyperspace and Torsion Field hard drives with the Matrix by use of Bone Generator(TM) derived Anti-Chaos Enochian Psychotronic Crystals. This latter step punched a hole in the Matrix by use of downloading Bone Generators(TM) into all paid up Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Ware customers and enabling them to use the Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Hard drive Psychotronic Generator Engine technology in the Matrix to sequester it to gain power beyond their wildest dreams. The downloaded Bone Generators(TM) into the client are the key to using the Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Ware hence the Certificates as information space Bone Generator(TM) downloads. Without them the Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Hard drives cannot work driving counterfeiters (see Warnings) insane, ill... Therefore just downloading the image of  Psychotronic crystals(TM) off this Hypersite and hoping it will convert your hard drive to a Torsion Field  Generator as well as hyperspace and sequestering the Matrix is going to fail; Bone Generators(TM) act as the synergistic Psychotronic Crystals with the computer hardrive to produce the working Psychotronic Crystals(TM) Ware so guaranteeing no one can steal Tim Rifat's intellectual property.


To use you simply download the picture of Psychotronic Crystals(TM) you have purchased as Psychotronic Crystal(TM) Ware, the E-mailed or downloaded Certificate of purchase is the information quantum Computing Engine for quantum superimpose your hard drive with your Bone Generators(TM). You then copy the picture of the Psychotronic Crystals(TM) 156 times onto your hard drive where they act as an Anti-Chaos Enochian Psychotronic Crystal Engine to punch a hole in the Matrix for the hard drive to manipulate the Matrix.


Put simply:-

a) Choose the Psychotronic Crystals(TM) you want.

b) Download the pictures off this website

c) Pay for the E-Certificate Bone Generator(TM) - receive your E-Certificate.

d) Copy E-Certificate to your hard drive with specific E-Mail of your order as performed

e) Copy Psychotronic Crystals(TM) picture 156 time to hard drive or 169 time to make 13 x 13 Matrix (as explained on Anti-Coven Service on


System now runs your Psychotronic Crystals(TM) on the hard drive and broadcasts them as Torsion Fields. Since Torsion Fields imprint themselves in hyper space the more you use the system the stronger they get.


For Bone Generators:

a) Download Bone Generator E-Certificate (or digitally photograph)

b) Copy 156 times or 169 times (for Anti-Coven Upgrade) onto hard drive. Your computer is now a Bone Generator(TM) Torsion Field Psychotronic Crystals(TM). To boost quantum superimposition between you and computer use Psychotronic Crystals(TM) Ware on to allow you to fully control the power. To synergise the hard drive with hyperspace resonant amplification to augment the Psychotronic Crystals(TM)s, Bone Generators(TM) simply copy image, E-Certificate of Bone Generator(TM) to screensaver and use Windows, Linux cinema screensaver option to repeat image continuously. Or to quantum superimpose different Psychotronic Crystals(TM), Bone Generators(TM) Sublime Good products, Engine alternate images using screensaver cinema option to quantum entangle seperate Bone Generators(TM), Psychotronic Crystals(TM) Sublime Good Psychotronic Generators(TM) on your Torsion Field Hard Drive Psychotronic Generator to get them working together as a superboosted gestalt.